Energy Consumer Advice

This section will give you insight as energy consumer to how you can save on energy consumption, help with the energy transition, invest in solar panels and others.This information is independent and aimed to give you the benefits of professional knowledge on the energy market.

How to save on Energy Consumption

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The key when trying to save energy is to know which appliances are responsible for most energy use at your home. Energy professionals call this the energy balance: How much energy goes in (by which sources?) and for what is this energy used?

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7 ways to help with the energy transition

SmartMeterExampleWhat is the energy transition? As energy professionals with transition we mean the transition from the fossil fuel generated energy to a mainly sustainable generated energy economy.

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Investing in Solar Panels

ConsumerPage 3-1Invest in a solar panel, start harvesting the sun, help the world get greener and on top of that save on your energy bills. So far this sounds good. But can you really save on your energy bills?

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