Analysis of UAE Energy mix targets for 2030

This article provides an analysis of the UAE Energy mix targets for 2013. The UAE set a target to achieve for Abu Dhabi 7% renewable energy capacity by 2020 (1500 MW) and Dubai is out on a course to achieve 5% Sustainable energy by 2030 (IRENA, Directorate of Energy and Climate Change, UAE).


Fig 1: A comparison for outlooks from IRENA (The Internationals Renewable Energy Agency) and Dubai Supreme Counsel of Energy in The Business Year. We can already see that the projections of the energy mix differ a bit in their outlook.

Differences in the Nuclear part of the energy mix are visible in the projected part in 2020 in the IRENA picture compared to the Counsel picture in 2020. Combining the pictures, UAE will most likely reach a 12% proportion of Nuclear Energy between 2020 and 2030.

Regarding the renewables mix, currently projects worth of about 1 billion USD are under execution (